Custom Designed UV Curing Solutions

Your process has unique requirements, so why shouldn't your UV curing system be designed to meet them?

Unlike other UV lamp system manufacturers who offer only cookie-cutter solutions, we take the time to understand your needs so that we can offer a custom-designed solution which exactly fits your process requirements.

In some cases, the process requires a special type of lightshield or enclosure or there may be space constraints which dictate the type of design which can be used. Our engineering team's vast experience in designing UV lightshields and enclosures for many applications gives us the tools to effectively tailor the design to your requirements. Shown here is a custom air-bed lightshield for a 65 inch film web application.

In other cases, the process requires a unique lamp system design. Our deep understanding of all aspects of UV lamp technology allows us to custom design a lamp system to unique process requirements. Shown here is a custom-designed UV exposure box. The lamp optics were specially designed to provide a uniform exposure pattern over a specified area. The enclosure and controls were designed to support the application parameters.