UV Curing Materials

The photochemistry involved in UV curable materials is very complicated and far beyond the scope of this introduction. The chemistry of the UV curable material is tailored to the specific process with the method of application, UV source, and desired properties of the cured material all factored in.

UV curable materials consist of a minimum of three elements. These are the photoinitiator, oligomers, and monomers. The photoinitiator's role is to absorb the UV photon and transfer this energy to the curing process. Oligomers act as the backbone of the cured material to help give it the desired physical properties and the monomers create the cross linking action which cures the material.

In addition to these elements, pigments may be added to achieve desired color or opacity and other additives may be used to control uncured properties such as tack or viscosity.

UV ink and coating companies have specialized in various applications with no one company serving all applications. If you contact us, we will be happy to recommend a supplier for your application.

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