UV Lamp Spectra

Selecting the right spectral output is vital for efficient UV curing performance. Each photoinitiator package has its unique spectral absorption pattern. Additionally, other constituents in the ink or coating (such as oligimers, diluents, and pigments) have their own impact on the overall absorption characteristics of the UV material.

Our lamps are built using the highest quality materials and the most stringent processing methods. This produces a reliable UV lamp with stable long term performance. The most commonly used spectra are the following:

Mercury ("H") UV Lamp Spectrum

This is the general purpose UV curing lamp with strong output in the UVC (200-280 nm) and the UVB (280-320 nm). It is typically used for curing litho inks and overvarnishes.

Iron ("D") UV Lamp Spectrum

With a much higher percentage of its output in the UVA (320-400 nm), this lamp is used where deeper penetration is required. Applications include thick pigmented coatings and very thick clear coats.

Gallium ("V") UV Lamp Spectrum

Strong output in the violet region of the visible spectrum (400-420 nm) makes this lamp well suited to curing of white pigmented coatings.