UV Lamp Systems for Ultraviolet Curing Applications

Ultraviolet (UV) lamp systems are available in various configurations for a wide variety of UV curing applications. In addition to the UV lamp systems shown on this page, we offer custom designed configurations for special UV curing applications.

Water-Cooled UV Lamp Systems

Water-cooled UV systems are ideal for sheetfed UV presses, wide web UV curing, and for other printing, converting, and industrial processes which require a small size and cool operation.

Air-Cooled UV Lamp Systems

Economical, yet capable of high power operation, these air-cooled lamps are ideal for narrower arcs and for other applications which do not require a water-cooled system. Shuttered and unshuttered versions are available.

Laboratory UV Lamp Systems

We offer several types of curing systems for QC and development work in the laboratory, including a compact curing system for proof samples and bench-top conveyor systems.

Conveyorized UV Lamp Systems

Available in both standard and custom configurations, these systems can be used for development work and for production.

Retrofit Conveyorized UV Lamp Systems

Designed to fit onto an existing customer conveyor, these air-cooled systems offer a cost-effective UV curing solution to the customer's unique process requirements.