UV Curing on Film Substrates

Because of its excellent adhesion properties to plastic film, UV curable materials are used in a wide variety of coating applications in the converting industry. Among these are silicone release liners, solar film, and functional coatings.

Films present a challenge to UV curing technology due to their sensitivity to heat. Various methods have been developed to overcome this challenge, however. Among these methods are dichroic reflectors, variable power, and enhanced web cooling. For more information, click on the Cold UV tab.

Water-cooled UV lamp systems from UVDoctors are well suited for UV curing on film substrates. Due the water cooling, the UV lamp cassette runs much cooler than a comparable air-cooled unit. Additionally, the water cooling is much more efficient in removing heat absorbed by the cold mirror reflectors, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

Shown here is a UVDoctors 67 inch UV lamp system for UV curing on plastic film web up to 65 inches wide. The water-cooled UV system is equipped with dichroic reflectors, automatic variable power based on line speed input, and a special air bed cooling system for controlling web temperature.