Wide Web UV Curing

UV curing has enjoyed significant success in wide web applications. Among these are converting, silicone release liners, and wide format printing. Water cooled lamps, such as those offered by UVDoctors, Inc. are well suited for wide web UV curing applications. These water cooled lamps have better heat control which allows for higher power operation and more consistent temperature across the length of the lamp, leading to longer lamp life and more stable output.

UV Lamp Systems with Web Base

This modular design with removable cassette pivots open to allow access to the web and lamp for threading and cleaning. Gas springs keep the cassette in the open position. The web base acts as a light shield and is equipped with entry and exit hoods to keep light inside the cure chamber. Options include water or air cooling of the web base. Shown here is a 62 inch water cooled lamp with a water-cooled base plate

UV Lamp Systems for Central Impression Presses

Used for UV printing on plastic and paper webs as well as overcoating of printed webs, CI presses are used in the packaging industry. Shown here is a UVDoctors three lamp system for curing UV over varnish on a 50 inch PCMC central impression press.

UV Lamp Systems for Stack Presses

Stack presses, used in the packaging and convering industries use UV curing for UV printing and UV over varnish. Shown here is a UVDoctors two lamp 52 inch system on a Kidder stack press.