ProofCure Model 400-SR

System Description

The ProofCure 400-SR is a compact, low cost solution for those situations where you need to cure a proof sample. Designed to fit on a bench or table top, the innovative ProofCure design can accommodate samples up to 4 inches wide and 9 inches long. The unit contains a 100 Watt per Inch UV lamp, ballast, and controls. A low noise fan integral to the unit provides cooling for the lamp, reflector, and ballast. The Proof Cure controls consist of an ON/OFF switch.

Curing proof samples in the ProofCure 400-SR is quite simple. Once the lamp has warmed up, the un-cured proof is set on the slider tray. This tray is normally outside the unit. Once the proof has been set in position, the operator simply pushes the tray all the way in to the unit and then releases the tray handle. A spring-loaded mechanism returns the tray back to the starting position where the operator removes the cured proof sample. The slider tray is magnetic, allowing thin materials to be held in place by magnets if needed.

Features & Benefits

Totally Self-Contained

The ProofCure’s 115 VAC, 15 Amp electrical plug connects to any standard wall outlet.


The ProofCure is light enough to be hand-carried by one person from bench to bench or from one location to another.


The sample tray can accommodate any weight stock.

Low Power Consumption

Approximate Power draw is 500 Watts, reducing the cost of running the unit all day. The Auto Off feature reduces energy bills by shutting the unit off if the operator forgets to do it.


The 100 Watt per Inch Medium Pressure Mercury Lamp provides the same output spectrum as on-press UV systems.

Small Size

The ProofCure’s footprint is approximately 27 inches by 12 inches, requiring minimal bench top space.


Easy to operate; low cost and reliable


The ProofCure comes with a 1 year or 1000 operating hour “bumper-to-bumper” warranty. A yearly refurbishment service is available at an additional cost.

Basic Specifications

Size 12.2 In W x 28 In D x 12.5 In H
Weight Approximately 35 lbs.
Utility Requirements 115 VAC, 60 Hertz, 15 Amp Service
Cooling Integral Fan
UV Lamp (standard) 400 Watt, 4 Inch Medium Pressure Mercury
UV Lamp Options 400 Watt Gallium or Iron Halide spectra
Reflector High reflectivity elliptical reflector with focal point at sample tray line of travel
Auto Off Mode Selectable shut off time from 5-30 minutes after Proof Cure has been turned on.
Warm Up TIme Approximately 2 minutes
Hot Restart Time Approximately 1 minute
Fusing 8 Amp fuse, accessible from rear of unit

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